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Hello! 你好! 안녕! !שלום 

I'm Noa Yehudayan-

A Third Culture Artist Based in New York.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, but originally half Israeli, and half South Korean.


Growing up in a household with classical musicians, my parents love for performance inspired me to find out what music means to me. When I started playing the cello and piano at a very young age, I discovered my own sound and it instantly clicked. 


Although my musical background has its roots in the classical genre, I was quickly drawn to the ukulele, guitar, and double bass. From there, I pursued this passion and started playing funkier covers from artists of R&B, Soul, and Jazz music. My passion for songwriting started to grow from there, and when I discovered theatre, I started writing musicals too!


When I'm not jamming out, I like to spend time reading, eating foods from around the world, exploring photography, and spontaneous adventuring. I just want to be able to create music and tell stories. 

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