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Chromatics: An Original Musical Theatre Song Cycle

In 2022, I wrote my first musical theatre song cycle called "Chromatics." All the songs were dedicated to my Ithaca College's BFA Musical Theatre Class of '24. Each piece was detailed to each performers vocal range, style/genre, and most importantly their stories. Coming into college during the height of the COVID pandemic, I felt that our class had lost a lot of time getting to know each other and share our unique talents. "Chromatics" is a musical about bringing people together through music. 


My parents were my main influence to playing string instruments. I first started with the piano and the cello and gradually moved into playing the double bass, ukulele, and guitar. My passion for all the instruments I play have kept growing and brings back nostalgic memories. 

Original Songs

This is an original song I wrote called "Canary." 

I've been writing original songs since 2017. Over the years, my songs have been a mix of many genres but I have a passion for every song as long as they tell a story. All these original projects I've composed are still a work in progress but it never stops me from creating.


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